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Vineyard History

The De Fazio Vineyard history dates back to 1864 when the first block of Shiraz vines were planted along the banks of the Greenock Creek by the original pioneer family. It remained in their family until 1998, when it was purchased by Zitta owner and wine maker Angelo De Fazio.


Vineyard Details


De Fazio Vineyard situated in the Greenock District, North-West Barossa Valley, South Australia (approximately 4km, or 2.5mi, from the township of Greenock). Click to view map – De Fazio Vineyard location

Warm to hot. Dry Summers.

 Average Seasonal Temperature Range. Click to view map - Growing season mean temperatures

Winter 2 C  -  18 C                            
Spring 5 C  -  25 C   
Summer 8 C  -  36 C  
Autumn 7 C -  22 C  

Average annual rainfall is 508mm (20”), which includes 201mm (8.3”) during the growing season. Click to view map – Growing season rainfall

Undulating north-west facing slopes, ranging from 250m to 307m (820.2 to 1,007.2 ft) above sea level.

Shallow red clay and sandy loams over red clays. Mixture of  sub-soils containing ironstone, sandstone, limestone, bluestone, slate and schistic gravels. Click to view map – Ancient Soils of the Barossa Valley

Original Shiraz planted circa 1864. A succession of replanting and re-trellising has followed.  Bush vines average height 600mm (2ft).  Single-wire trellising 1.2m (4ft) is used. Rows are spaced 3.7m (12ft) apart, with vines planted every 2.4m (8ft). All blocks are hand-pruned. Bush vines and select blocks are hand-picked.

Grape Varieties
Predominantly Shiraz – various select old clones.  Grenache old bush vine, Mataro (Mourvedre) bush vines and patch of old Chardonnay vines.

Supplementary drip irrigation is available for use.

Environmental Aspect 
Sustainable land management practices.