Zitta Wines



The De Fazio family has been growing grapes and making wine for generations. Their heritage can be traced back to Castagna, a small village in the town of Carlopoli within the Southern Italian province of Catanzaro, a region known since ancient times for its vine cultivation and rich, full-bodied wine varieties.

In fact, wines from the Carlopoli area, known as Enotria, or “Land of Wine”, were used to celebrate athletes’ victories in the early Olympic Games.

Angelo’s father, Gaspere, migrated to South Australia to start a new life shortly after the second world war. He continued working with vines and was particularly drawn to the Greenock/Moppa region in the North Western Barossa Valley, noticing a striking similarity between its topography and that of his homeland in Southern Italy.

Although the opportunity to purchase his own vineyard there unfortunately never presented itself, Gaspere was careful to pass on his priceless knowledge and observations to Angelo, who has proudly made the De Fazio family vineyard a reality.

This unique heritage, and the dedication it brings to the traditional, old world art of natural wine making, is represented by the De Fazio Vineyard crest, which uses traditional Italian symbology to illustrate the essential qualities embodied in Zitta wines. Learn more about our crest.